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Irish exporters may relocate operations to UK – Boucher

Irish companies selling into the British market may opt to move some operations to the UK as a result of Brexit, Bank of Ireland chief executive Richie Boucher has said. Mr Boucher told the Finance Committee that he was “surprised” by how little impact the vote had so far had on Ireland and the UK. […]

Irish Business: Where to now post Brexit and Trump?

These are uncertain times. The seismic shift in world and European politics following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States has led to an environment of global political and economic uncertainty and challenging and uncertain times ahead for Irish businesses. 2016 has been a landmark and unprecendented year […]

Ireland listed amongst top EU countries for big data investment

The vast majority of global corporates have identified Ireland as a possible or likely location for data-driven investment in the next year, new research has found. According to Europe for Big Data, a report produced by William Fry alongside Forbes Insights, 61pc of global companies will look to invest substantially into data over the next […]

Euro zone GDP rises as trade surplus of €26.5bn recorded

GDP grew 0.3 per cent in the euro zone in the third quarter compared to the same period a year earlier and was up 0.4 per cent for the bloc of 28 European Union member states, according to official figures. Gross domestic product in the 19-nation currency union also rose 0.3 per cent in the […]

Is end of austerity nigh?

Yesterday the European Commission kicked off its 2017 economic semester – its annual cycle of budgetary surveillance introduced in the wake of the financial crisis. But tacked on to the usual analysis of the budgetary plan of each member state was a “communique” which recommended that the euro zone embrace a policy of fiscal expansion […]

Retailers must avail of alternatives to grants

Q: I’m in the process of opening a new shop. Can you point me in the direction of grant assistance that would be available to help me with the fit-out? A: Sadly, there is no grant assistance available for retail operations. There are lots of grants available for manufacturing businesses, but as you will be […]

Ireland showed us way with low corporation tax: adviser

One of Donald Trump’s key economic advisers has said the United States wants to “emulate Ireland” under the president-elect’s corporate tax policies. Stephen Moore said the US had learned a lesson in business development and competitiveness from Ireland. Mr Moore warned last week that a “flood of companies” would leave Ireland when Mr Trump implemented […]

Costs rise as pace of construction activity surges to highest level in seven months

The pace of construction activity in Ireland has surged to its highest level in seven months, according to data released by Ulster Bank today. The acceleration of construction output has seen demand for workers rise, with a third of Irish building firms reporting an increase in employment. The rate of hiring hit an eight-month high […]

Economy can overcome Brexit uncertainty, says Moody’s

The Irish economy will be able to shake off the uncertainty posed by the Brexit vote, Moody’s has said. The ratings giant said Ireland would continue to outperform other European countries, forecasting the economy would increase by 3.4pc this year and 3.1pc in 2017. That’s more conservative that the predictions from the Department of Finance, […]

European banks continue on a Trump roll

European lenders got a second-day boost after Donald Trump’s presidential win on speculation that his term will lead to increased inflation and an easing of financial rules. UBS Group and Credit Suisse Group, which get more than 35pc of their revenues from the Americas, helped lead the rally that pushed Europe’s banks to their best […]