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Revenue collected €54.5 billion in taxes and duties in 2018

The Revenue Commissioners collected €54.5 billion in taxes and duties for the Exchequer in 2018, according to preliminary results published today. Revenue completed 572,785 audit and compliance interventions, which yielded €572.6 million for the government coffers. They settled 22 tax avoidance cases yielding €5.7 million and secured 17 criminal convictions for serious tax evasion and […]

Mortgage lending growth highest in 9 years – Central Bank

Mortgage lending recorded its highest growth rate since 2009 during the month of November, according to figures published by the Central Bank, continuing a trend of positive lending seen in recent months. Net mortgage lending was €131 million in November, while annual growth was €964 million or 1.3%. Banks held €12.3 billion more in household […]

Banks now required to tell mortgage holders how to save

Irish banks are now required to give mortgage customers more information about their loan in order to help them save money by moving to a better rate or switching provider. This includes flagging in advance with borrowers when their fixed-rate term is coming to an end, and letting them know of better mortgage options that […]

NAMA generated €3.3 billion in cash in 2018

NAMA generated €3.3 billion in cash in 2018, according to an end of year summary of the agency’s progress. It said its Residential Delivery funding programme continued to deliver new homes in Ireland throughout the year, and it is estimated that 9,700 units have been delivered through NAMA funding between 2014 and 2018. Since its […]

Tax take almost €1.4bn ahead of target in 2018

More than €55.5 billion was received by the Exchequer during 2018, according to the Department of Finance. That is €1.38 billion (2.6%) more than had been expected, and €4.27 billion higher than the amount taken in during 2017. The higher-than-anticipated tax take was due to a €1.9 billion (22.1%) excess in the amount of Corporation […]

13.5% VAT rate in hospitality sector ‘will close restaurants’

The hospitality sector has called for a review of the increase in the VAT rate which comes into effect on New Year’s day. The tax was lowered to 9% almost 8 years ago to help create jobs during the recession, and having achieved this, the Government opted to restore the rate to 13.5% during Budget […]

Changes to Consumer Protection Code come into effect

Changes to the Central Bank’s Consumer Protection Code, which aim to increase the levels of mortgage switching in Ireland and to provide greater levels of transparency for consumers, come into effect today. The changes, which were announced in June, follow research by the Central Bank in 2015 which found over one fifth of borrowers could […]

Car sales fall for second consecutive year

New car sales were 4.4% lower last year when compared to 2017, according to figures from representative body SIMI, marking the second consecutive year of decline for the industry. There were 125,557 new cars registered during 2018, 5,775 fewer than in the previous year. Compared to 2016, car registrations are 21,093 (14.4%) lower. According to […]

EU triggers plans for no-deal Brexit as Varadkar insists fall-out will not affect budget

EU triggers plan to protect EU citizens in the event of a no-deal Brexit Plans cover 14 areas most likely to be affected, ranging from financial services to aviation, customs and carbon emissions trading Irish Government prepares to publish its own no-deal contingency plans Varadkar insists Brexit won’t affect budget plans The European Commission has […]

Number of family home repossessions fall

The number of family homes being repossessed has fallen, with the improving economy helping to cut the number of mortgages in arrears. New Central Bank figures show 191 homes were repossessed in July to September, down from 292 in April to June. The vast bulk of the repossessions are carried out by banks, the figures […]